Sunday, June 8, 2008

My New Blog

Thank you for visiting my new blog! During the four month campaign for City Council, I had a blog that was intended to help me share my thoughts and experiences on the trail from week to week. I met so many great people, attended so many great events and celebrations, and received so much feedback as to things our City can do to make it a better place for EVERYONE.

While I have retired my campaign blog, I now invite you to my new blog,

On this new blog, I hope to share the current happenings of Roanoke City and the debates and policies before City Council at any given time. My hope, too, is that residents of Roanoke City will share your thoughts, ideas and feelings about what we can do better as a city, how we can better serve the residents and neighborhoods that make up this wonderful place.

Join me in a dialogue to help move Roanoke forward into a positive and progressive future. It is only through your regular input that I can best serve your needs.